What is a Doula?

Fancy Answer: 

A doula is a professional childbirth coach, present to support the birthing mom and family. Doulas provide emotional, informational, spiritual and sometimes physical support before, during and after labor

Real Answer: 

A doula is a cross between a wedding planner (we help you know your options and implement what you want) and a personal trainer (to help you reach the goals you've set for yourself).

Something we all share is a nerdy fascination with and love of birth, as well as a real passion for helping families reach their birthing and parenting goals. Every one of us literally oozes joy and excitement whenever we talk about birth, see a new baby, or get to hang out with an expectant mom.


We believe strongly that if a mom desires a doula, she should have one, so we are happy to create payment schedules, barter if possible etc, for families in need.

What Can you Expect From Your Birth Doula? 

A free interview

Two educational prenatal appointments

Support through the end of your pregnancy,

Continuous labor support via text, phone and in-person once requested

Up to two hours of immediate postpartum care

Up to two postpartum visits


Each doula can provide a waterbirth pool if requested, several can provide photography services, and we have educators and a board-certified lactation consultant on staff for referrals as needed.


Cesarean Doula Care

We understand that some moms may have to give birth surgically. A planned Cesarean can still be scary, and is certainly deserving of support.  We offer a special Cesarean doula package. Our doulas will go over what you can expect, meet you at the hospital the day of the surgery, help with immediate postpartum care as allowed by hospital staff, and assist with some extended postpartum care. 

Birth Doula-in-Training

Often, we have clients that want a doula to support them through their labor and birth, but cannot afford the full fee. We work with doulas working toward certification, who are trained and being mentored by Labor Ladies, as an option for parents with budgetary constraints. These doulas are well-supported by our team, so they have access to our entire pool of knowledge. We feel comfortable highly recommending any of our available doulas-in-training!