Lactation Consult

~Available only in the Triad area~

Jamilla Walker, RN, IBCLC has been providing lactation support to moms for the past twelve years. First as an early lactation care specialist, then as a lactation nurse at Women's Hospital of Greensboro, and now as a board certified lactation consultant. What gave her the best experience for helping other moms, was conquering the breastfeeding challenges she encountered with her own children. Despite battling pain, thrush, clogged ducts, and mastitis as well as watching her son struggle with several issues - Jamilla discovered their problems were due to a severe tongue and lip ties, fifteen months after his latch had been deemed perfect by two lactation consultants and a pediatrician. She became well-researched and practiced at supporting mothers that may or may not decide to have revisions performed on their children with oral structural problems, and specializes in providing expert, down-to-earth, realistic lactation care, simplifying complicated plans for stressed out moms, and problem solving. 


She also enjoys what she calls "breastfeeding forensics" - a lot of moms have had trouble with a first child, and want to avoid the same trouble with the next baby. She will schedule a consult to go over the first experience, create a prevention plan, and then work closely with the mom to walk her through the initiation of breastfeeding with the new baby.


Jamilla offers private breastfeeding education for pregnant moms, at-home and in-office consultations, free support groups, and a monthly breastfeeding clinic for basic latch and weight checks. 

Our consult fees are and will continue to be low, because nothing is worse than emptying your bank account trying to feed your kid free food.