Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

~Available only in the Triad area~

Everyone has something they want to change about themselves.

Too fat, too lumpy, not curvy enough, too much hanging in this area, not soft enough, too soft, not. enough.​ We start with different questions...

What do you want to DO with your body?​ Why?

Answering those questions first leads to lasting changes that actually help you have all the benefits promised by a fit and a healthy lifestyle. If you don't know Whose you are, who you were created to be, and change the way you look at yourself - you won't stick with any new program and you'll end up frustrated and disappointed again. We want to help you find your why.​

We are currently offering personal sessions, either in our office or your home. We love coming to you, to help you set up a home workout space, with personalized routines designed to help you hit your specific goals. 

Our prenatal training prepares the body for the work of labor,  helping moms become the right balance of strong and soft. Our training includes:

  • low intensity cardio - designed to increase cardiac endurance which helps your heart handle the 30-50% increase in blood volume

  • strength training - increasing and maintaining muscle is one of the best things women can do to support the weight of pregnancy, and prevent injury to joints

  • core strength - helps with posture maintenance

  • deep breathing and relaxation practice - done during the workout so you learn to relax while muscle groups are working hard (as they will in labor)

  • stretching and softening muscles - this is monumentally important as your pelvis prepares to let a baby pass through

Our postpartum workouts are designed to support the recovery process, helping moms progressively regain strength in the core and pelvic floor. Doing so slowly, progressing as each client is able helps correct and prevent any dysfunction caused by the birth process. Our postpartum recovery includes:​

  • low intensity cardio - designed to help the body process excess blood volume from the pregnancy

  • strength training - protecting the joints and maintaining muscle

  • core strength - this is done gently and indirectly to start, progressing to more direct exercises as moms are able

  • pelvic floor strengthening - to reverse the "baby cradle" created by the body

Our Trainers

Zar Woods, Fitness Director 

Zar has a Bachelor's Degree in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics with a minor in Exercise Science, certifications from Oh Baby Fitness and the National Council on Strength & Fitness and plans to test for national certification as a nutritionist.

Training Options & Fees

Personal Training Session

In-home or in our fitness suite


Personal Training Package

One month of weekly sessions


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