Placenta Encapsulation

Zar Woods is IPPA trained and provides our placenta encapsulation service. We offer a variety of packages including both basic (what is commonly termed "raw" but is actually dehydrated at a higher temperature according to safe preparation standards) and steamed preparation methods, in- or out-of-home preparation, tinctures, balms, smoothies, placenta prints and more. 



Observed* Benefits of Placenta Consumption: 

  • May ease the effects of postpartum mood disorders

  • Can help replenish iron due to blood loss after childbirth

  • Contains oxytocin which gives a consistent flow of the calming and bonding hormone

  • The placenta contains a hormone similar to prolactin, which can help establish a healthy milk supply

  • Helps ease the sudden drop in hormones after birth


*strong, empirical research for placenta consumption is ongoing


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