Postpartum Care

Ever had one of those days where you look around and think, "I really wish there were another one of me..." Ever wish laundry fairies really existed? Ever sit down to nurse the baby and think, "well now I'm dying of thirst and hunger and the only people here are me and this hangry monster I'm feeding..." The postpartum doula is the answer to all of these problems. To a new mom, the need for an experienced, non-judgmental set of hands is real. Our teams are well-trained to serve mamas, helping them do whatever needs to be done to maintain a little order in the new baby chaos.  A mom's job after the entrance of a new baby (either by birth or adoption, or after a surrogate birth), is to nurture herself and her baby with rest, warmth, a supportive environment and nourishing foods.  


  • Show you how to read our baby's cues help them adjust to life on the outside a little easier, and give you ways to encourage bonding between the rest of your family and your baby.

  • Arrive early to help you get your day started with a good breakfast, meal prep for the rest of the day and time to shower.

  • Go grocery shopping and then stock your fridge and freezer with prepared meals and snacks.

  • Help you stay on top of the never-ending to-do list that keeps you awake at night, by taking care of the laundry, and doing other light housekeeping duties.

  • Hold your baby and entertain older siblings while you take a shower, nap and/or eat food with both hands.

  • Sit with you to provide much needed adult interaction, help you process your birth story and keep you hydrated while nursing your baby.

  • Answer any questions you have about breast or bottle feeding, and refer you to our lactation consultant if needed.

  • Teach you how to use that baby carrier that you haven't been able to figure out, or the belly bind that's still sitting in its package, or the new cloth diapers you bought but haven't started using.

  • We also offer support for special circumstances such as adoption and surrogacy.

  • Postpartum care is often overlooked when a mom has suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. We offer special bereavement support for moms grieving the loss of a child.

We believe that postpartum care is paramount to the health and wellness of our community. In an effort to improve accessibility, we have decreased our hourly rate to $20/hr, with a minimum booking of two hours. Hours can be completed at any time of the day or night (there is a $5/hr overnight charge, beginning at 10pm). We also offer hand-lettered gift certificates, so friends can contribute to a postpartum doula package.

Labor is a challenge, but it only lasts a short time and is only the beginning.

Let us help you get started on your parenting journey feeling confident and well-supported.